Why Design?

Can you start a custom renovation without doing any Design work?

Of course you can. Some say Design is unnecessary and suggest one skilled craftsman (or what we affectionately call Chuck & his Truck) can get the job done. Which, for the record, might actually be true, but it's a gamble... like jumping from an airplane without any certainty your backpack has a parachute.

Best to verify before making the jump.

Starting a custom renovation is a major decision requiring forethought and preparation.

Design = Preparation

So, what does a well-crafted Design include? Renovating your whole home will require more Design time than a bathroom reno, but both have similar Design deliverables - a rendering, a detailed scope of work, and a completed list of selections (colors & fixtures). Of course, having a Builder involved makes the transition from Design to Build even smoother. In this episode of Ready, Set, Renovate! we have two guests well-acquainted with custom renovation Design. Billy Zion of Zion architects and Laurilyn Hall of Thrive Architectural Interiors sat down to discuss the benefits of a good Design. So without further ado… Let’s get to it!

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