Wellness By Design


Can renovating your home be beneficial to your health?

Yes, it absolutely can be. During a renovation's Design phase you have an opportunity to be intentional with options and features that have a positive impact on your overall well-being. Afterall, your home is meant to be a place where you sleep soundly (when your body naturally heals itself ), think clearly, and even exercise effectively. Here are 8 ways to Design-Build a physically and mentally restorative environment.

  1. Air Purification – Clean air is essential to a robust respiratory system. When it comes to air purification systems there are numerous options from stand-alone systems to a complete overhaul of your home’s existing HVAC.
  2. Soundproofing – Noise compounds stress levels, especially when you’re trying to rest. Even those little annoying noises need to disappear while you unwind. There are several sound reducing techniques that can be incorporated into your renovation, ranging from sound dampening panels to additional layers of drywall to wall hangings.
  3. Simple Uncluttered Layout – Albert Einstein famously asked, "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" Precisely! When designing your home to be a sanctuary of mental well-being, the goal is unencumbering your mind. Keep the layout functional, where storage is easily accessible.
  4. Water Purification Systems - A whole home system is the idea here, not just purification of drinking water, which definitely benefits health. Removing chemicals and heavy metals from the entire water supply will reduce skin irritants and result in cleaner dishes. Plus, the buildup of limescale and other mineral deposits won’t occur.
  5. Home Gyms – Exercise is obviously a great way to keep your body robust. Having a gym in your home means the stress of rushing to and from a gym is eliminated. Plus, perusing Pinterest for home gym Design ideas is a ton of fun. Basements, garages and attics can all be converted into a home gym.
  6. Home Sauna and Steam Room – Sweat those heavy metals out of your body. Saunas and Steam rooms can be incorporated into your bathroom Design. Trying to decide between the two? Both offer numerous health benefits. For example a sauna can help with skin problems and a steam room clears congestion.
  7. Hydrotherapy Tubs – Having an on-call masseuse is the ideal scenario. Unfortunately, for most that’s outside the realm of possibility. A Hydrotherapy tub is much more realistic method for obtaining many of the same benefits (reducing muscle tension, relieving pain, rehabilitating injured muscles, boosting the immune system, encouraging detoxification, relieving stress, etc.)
  8. Calming Paint Colors – The color of your walls influence how you feel. Blues, Grays and Tans are a few stress reducing colors.

Are you able to retreat to restorative environment? We would love to speak with you further about a Design-Build renovation to create one. Call us at 864.506.5546 to start the process of enhancing your home for your health’s sake.