Warm Weather Renovations

Believe it or not, nice weather is coming.

And when it does, how do you plan to enjoy it?  
Here are 5 renovations for soaking up more of the great outdoors.

1) Patio Doorways & Windows Open your home to a better view, more natural light, and pleasant outside temps by installing large patio folding doors. And when no thermostat is required, welcome those glorious temps inside with folding windows.



2) Porches and Decks – They make going outside easy. And in case you’re wondering, porches are covered and decks are uncovered. A porch or deck renovation will add more space, aesthetic appeal, and value to a home.



3) Gazebos or Pergolas – Relatively easy and inexpensive to build, these structures also add value to your home.  They provide a designated space for outdoor relaxing.  Pergolas offer more light with open rafters while gazebos have a covered roof for more shade.



4) Hardscapes – Two words: Low Maintenance. Unlike grass, these hard surfaces won’t grow weeds or require water. Instead, this renovation enhances the visual appeal of your landscape, while providing more space for outdoor entertaining.


5) Outdoor Kitchens – No traveling to a restaurant required.  Fine dining is waiting just beyond your back door. And strong food odors? These unwelcome guest stay outside.