Value Builds Trust


It’s official. Daniel Builders now has a blog, and you're reading the first post! Welcome! Glad you’re here.

What to Expect

How many beloved sales people do you know? I mean people you really enjoy being around? I know what you're thinking. If you don't have to endure a sales person, then try to get as far away from them as fast as you can. Well, Daniel Builders wants you to benefit from our approach to sales. We see every interaction as an opportunity to build trust, whether you’re ready to spend $250K on a home renovation or simply calling to inquire about a leak in your ceiling. Obviously, not every conversation leads to project agreement, but every interaction is an opportunity to impart value. Which is also our approach to this blog.  Post real value content. In other words we’re blogging to provide you something useful, relevant, and inspirational. (And maybe sometimes hilarious!) 

Your home holds significant value. For many it's their greatest financial investment. That's just the tip of the iceberg though. What about the emotional value? Your home is a sanctuary, a place to "live", not to mention the location of countless memorable moments with friends and family. All of which contributes significant emotional worth. 

So how are you enhancing the value of something worth so much?

After all, don't you want to love where you live? Daniel Builders wants to help! 


The Back Story

We recognize General Contractors are up against some unfavorable stereotypes. Consider this. When was the last time someone raved about their General Contractor, or told you how well their renovation was managed? Instead, homeowner horror stories are much more common. Like the renovation that becomes a colossal money pit . Or, the General Contractor who mysteriously disappears in the middle of a project, never to be seen or heard from again. Here’s good news. Those experiences are completely avoidable. Starting a major renovation shouldn't lead you to seek treatment for anxiety. It shouldn't feel like leaping out of a plane unsure if you're wearing a parachute or a backpack full of bed sheets.

So why aren't people sharing positive experiences? Is anyone having a positive experience with their general contractor?    

They are, but something big is missing. Trust. Unfortunately, our industry is characterized by high levels of customer distrust. Which is why Daniel Builders takes “Building Trust”, your trust, so serious. Which is also why we started a blog. This blog, along with the value you receive, is simply another way Daniel Builders builds trust.