Take a Look From the Project Manager's Perspective

Here are two things everyone should know before hiring a contractor to transform their home.

First, custom renovations can't be replicated. No 2 are alike. As a wise sage at Daniel Builders frequently says, "We're not building widgets." Not only does the scope of work vary from project to project, every home is completely different. So producing the same thing never happens, hence the word "custom". Second, no 2 General Contractors are alike. Each GC has a different approach, different standards and yes different outcomes. That's why it's a terrible idea to bid a project exclusively on price. Pardon the cliché', but you're not comparing "apples to apples".

All that to say, a custom renovation usually comes down to one person being tasked to produce the right outcome. That's the Project Manager. A highly competent project manager has the best perspective on all that a custom renovation entails. In this video one of our project managers narrates the scope and challenges of his project. He's good at narrating, but as you'll see he's even better at his day job, being a project manager.

Are you looking for the right team and project manager for your custom renovation? Contact Daniel Builders at 864.506.5546 and a project guide will begin moving your home toward transformation.