Space Maker


In Our Last Blog "Mudroom Masterpiece" We Told You Houzz Was Featuring A Mudroom We Renovated.  

Last week the story was published.  Our renovation in coordination with Buttercup Design was featured alongside 2 other projects, which Houzz refers to as “laundry rooms”.  Technically, there's a difference between mudrooms and laundry rooms.  More important "Mudroom" sounds so much cooler.  And despite their differences all three projects offer a unique insight for creating your own Mudroom Masterpiece.  

The Houzz video can be seen here and the article here.

After Houzz published the story, someone emailed asking if we would share our secret.  How did we create extra space behind the washer/dryer?  While we’re unwilling to share all secrets, this one we’ll entrust to you. You’ll likely find it interesting. Here it is:


It’s called the Dryerbox.   And this video shows shows how Dryerbox maximizes space by allowing the vent exhaust to recess into a wall cavity.  As you see there are a variety of sizes and orientations that guide that hot, damp air through the floor or ceiling.  Dryerbox is perfect for almost any washer/dryer scenario.

Not only does it create a roomier mudroom, the Dryerbox keeps the area cleaner, safer, and more energy efficient than traditional dryer vent methods like these. 


As shown below Dryerbox keeps your dryer’s vent duct from being compressed and/or restricted. Lint build up is minimized, reducing the threat of a fire hazard.  And when venting is improved clothes dry faster and more efficiently.  


We have plenty more insights to share regarding your custom mudroom renovation.  Contact us at 864.506.5546 to schedule a project vision meeting.