Let's Be Clear


Our Design team can utilize 3D renderings like these on large, multi-room renovations. 

They are unbelievably realistic, and sometimes difficult to distinguish from an actual photograph. In addition to this WOW factor, 3-D renderings have 7 practical benefits for both client and contractor.

  1. Clarifies Vision – Why waste a thousand words (or more) when a picture is available? A rendering can accelerate clarification for all involved in the renovation process and provides far more clarity than 2D renderings.
  2. Identifies Problems – Is the renovation feasible to build? A 3D rendering helps identify structural integrity issues and enhances spacial awareness.
  3. Reduces Delay – What is the #1 way to ensure a successful renovation? Answer: Establish shared expectations between contractor and client. Unshared expectations cause inefficiencies, frustrations, and can easily turn into a renovation train wreck. A 3D rendering showcases an outcome everyone can understand.
  4. Reveals Options – Is there a mental block regarding Design ideas? A clear project rendering triggers ideas and inspiration.
  5. Optimizes Distribution – Would hearing the opinion of others be helpful? 3D rendering software is easy to upload and share via Dropbox. Being able to efficiently share a rendering allows for rapid feedback from friends and family.
  6. Strengthens Accountability – Does the renovation match the 3D rendering? If not, why not? A 3D rendering creates a visual agreement between contractor and client. It’s the standard by which a finished renovation can be evaluated. Any discrepancy can be traced to a responsible party.
  7. Prevents Letdown – Are you happy with the finished product? No one wants to regret a big purchase. And a contractor especially doesn’t want (or shouldn’t want) anyone to experience buyer’s remorse. Afterall happy clients are the link to future business. Seeing the finished renovation before moving forward minimizes letdown.

Blindly buying a custom renovation isn’t necessary. See it first with a 3D rendering and move into the build process with confidence.