Going Airborne


Health and wellbeing have been at the forefront of everyone’s mind over the past year, or more specifically avoiding COVID has been. 

At Daniel Builders we aren’t health professionals, but here are 6 common sense ways to protect your respiratory health during a renovation.

  1. Dust & Particle Containment – Once you begin tearing down walls and ripping up floors the air inside your home becomes filled with all types of particles. Containing these particles is accomplished by putting up temporary barriers such as Zip Walls.
  2. Air Purification Equipment – Where will these airborne particles ultimately go? This is where having the right equipment such as BuildClean is important. A home normally has approximately 100K particles (larger than .5 micrometer) per cubic square foot of air. Whereas a home under construction has anywhere between 500K – 1M particles.
  3. HVAC – Change HVAC filters throughout the project and then once it’s complete.
  4. Air Out Building Materials – Before installing materials with high VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels such as carpets make sure they have time to first “air out” in a well-ventilated area. And if possible, keep windows open during installation. This reduces the risk of VOC when levels at they’re at their highest.
  5. Keep Paint Sealed – Be sure to keep paint cans and paint thinners sealed when not in use.
  6. Good Ventilation – The goal is to get clean/fresh air into your lungs. This is only possible if fresh air is circulating throughout your home. You're probably aware of the huge push to make buildings as energy efficient as possible. Which is great as long as air quality isn’t sacrificed. Learn how to get the good air inside.

A clean, organized and safe work environment is one advantage to choosing Daniel Builders for your renovation (see all Six Advantages here). Protecting the respiratory health of our clients is just another example of how we're committed to Building Trust.