Cost Plus vs Fixed Cost

Will the conversation on price result in sticker shock or pleasant surprise?

At some point the "price conversation" happens for every custom renovation. Generally speaking, there are 2 ways a client receives their price. Many builders take a Cost Plus approach, while others take a Fixed Cost (or Fixed Price) approach. In this episode of Ready, Set, Renovate! Steve Carson and Larry Myers compare and contrast these 2 approaches.

Both are reputable builders and have given much thought to how they price their projects. Spoiler alert, neither approach fits every client perfectly, although you may discover one is preferable to you. Only one way to find out. Watch and decide!

Also, in case you didn't hear, Daniel Builders is renovating a home that's over a100 years old. We've been tracking our progress in a documentary format called "Another 100 Years". It's a story we're excited to tell. Here's Part 1 & Part 2 of that story.

Sam Parkinson articulates the renovation progress he sees in a home over 100 years old. Part 1:

Part 2:

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