Client Contractor Match Making

You really need certain relationships to "work"

The connection between Client and Contractor is definitely one of them. Why? Because much is at stake when you enter a Build agreement, like your home and large sums of money. In this episode of Ready, Set, Renovate we delve into the client/contractor relationship. We invite you to watch as we examine why some relationships are harmonious and productive while others are highly strained.

Our guest, Shawn Van Dyke, is a construction business coach, keynote speaker, and author of two books - Profit First for Contractors and The Paperwork Punch List. Most contractors are not profitable which makes them feel uncertain about what they need to do to grow their construction businesses. Shawn believes construction business owners should be as good at business as they are at their craft. That's why, after twenty-plus years of owning and operating multiple construction businesses, Shawn has decided to works with construction business owners, executives, and managers all over the world and shows them how to stop losing profits and wasting time. He is the CEO of the Built to Build Academy® which creates confident construction business owners by providing operational systems to streamline their construction business, and get their life back. Rob Young of Heritage Custom Builder also joins us to share his experience and insight on the Client/Contractor relationship.

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