Ballpark Cost

You know what’s fun? Brainstorming renovation ideas. It’s a blast. Both customer and contractor enjoy this dreaming phase, visualizing what “could be”. These pleasant conversations eventually lead to a big elephant in the room. COST.

Discussing cost is not only necessary, it should happen early in the quoting process. Delaying a cost conversation makes "sticker shock" more likely, which neither contractor nor customer enjoy.         

 A ballpark cost is a good place to start.

So what are reasonable ballpark costs for common renovations? Here’s a short list compiled by Remodeling Magazine.  *Important* These are AVERAGE COSTS for an area of the country known as the South Atlantic region.

image-asset (38)

Each project in the list below links to a detailed project description and diagram. Once budget and ballpark cost align, creating an accurate quote is the next step. Utilizing Design-Build ensures quoting accuracy and scope clarity. 

Average Midrange Pricing

Basement Remodel - $65,552

Bath Addition - $39,916

Bath Room Remodel - $17,020

Deck Addition (composite) - $16,383

Deck Addition (wood) - $9,729

Family Room Addition - $82,726

Major Kitchen Remodel - $58,865

Minor Kitchen Remodel - $19,693

Two-Story Addition - $168,587

Universal Design Bathroom - $14,217

Average Upscale Pricing

Bath Room Addition - $77,171

Bath Room Remodel - $57,000

Deck Addition (composite) - $37,284

Major Kitchen Remodel - $118,641

Master Suite Addition - $240,629