Being a General Contractor or Project Manager is Simple, Right?

Calling trades and collecting checks is all it takes, right?

Any homeowner could do that, right?

Wrong. Wrong. And Wrong.

Any General Contractor or Project Manager with that mindset is a joke, a really bad joke. On this episode of Ready, Set, Renovate! our 2 guests discuss the not-so-simple role of managing large custom renovations and new builds. Sam Parkinson, a Project Manager at Daniel Builders, and Stephen Jones of Caba Homes aren't whining though. They fully embrace the difficulty of their jobs and are quick to acknowledge they couldn't do it alone. Take away their trade contractors and these men would have exponentially more difficult jobs.

Managers have differing styles, but Sam and Stephen both understand what it takes to produce excellent work. As an added benefit, they both are likeable human beings. Enough talking about them. Let's dive into this conversation!

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Another 100 Years Installment 3

How long does a whole home, down to the studs custom renovation take?

Good question. It's one Daniel Builders asked when preparing to renovate a 100+ year old Pendleton SC home. The question lead to more in-depth questions. Like how do you ensure the structural integrity of 100+ year old home? And how do you maintain the look and feel of its original design?

After many months of renovating we now have the luxury of hindsight. Clarity abounds and has been chronicled in a video series called “Another 100 Years”. All three videos are available on our YouTube channel Daniel Builders Inc (like and subscribe). The 1st video filmed back in May 2022, provides an overall vision of the project and shows some demo. The 2nd video deals with overcoming the setback of substantial rot. This recently filmed 3rd video offers strong clues about how the completed renovation will look, much like watching an artist put finishing touches on a masterpiece.

Completion of this custom renovation is on track for Spring 2023. A fourth and final video installment will be filmed then. In that last installment project manager, Sam Parkinson, will be joined by the homeowners - a great opportunity to hear their version of the “Another 100 Years” renovation journey!

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