2021 In Photo Format

What a year!

Here are a few 2021 milestones and memories from our team.

  1. We completed a Historic Renovation in Downtown Anderson. The building is located at 106 Benson Street and now the site of Katharine Marie Bridal. It was originally constructed in the early 1900s and has been beautifully preserved. Now it's another great reason to come to downtown Anderson, SC. Here's the Before & After
    This "Before" image goes back to the early 1900s.


Then fast-forward to 2021 for the "After".

  1. We didn't go looking for historic renovations, they just seemed to find us in 2021. Fortunately, we turned out to be pretty good at them. In the summer we completed the renovation of a 120+ year old home. Here's the video recap of that project.
  2. Another area where we expanded our ability was in the realm of 3D Renderings. This year we actually created quite an extensive library of these virtual renderings. Here's an example from a bathroom renovation and how we transitioned from before the project began.....


to the rendering....


to reality!


4) In 2021 we saw Lazy Susan and Blind Corner Cabinets reinvent themselves.



5) Every year we capture some stunning "Before & After" photos. This year we went to a whole new level. Here's one example.





6) We don't typically build furniture, but this renovation required custom bunk beds for visiting grandchildren. So here's what we did.


7) In 2021 we added more talent to our already talented team. These folks are definitely gifted, but even better at Building Trust.


Thank you for your connection to the DB team. We are grateful to all who helped us fill 2021 with positive memories and milestones.

Now on to 2022.

Happy New Year!