Interview with Wendi Carson

Wendi Carson is Daniel Builders' design specialist. She came to Daniel Builders with a strong entrepreneurial background, and a marketing degree from the University of South Carolina. Wendi is a Greenville, SC native since age 12, but she traces her passion for design back to age 7. It was then she began recreating and regularly rearranging her bedroom. As a teen she was inspired by renovation magazines, long before HGTV existed. At one point she managed her own renovation business. After meeting the owners of Daniel Builders, Wendi says she instantly knew she wanted to be part of the team. Not long after that meeting she was hired.  Wendi not only works as a design specialist, but also plays a key marketing role in Greenville for Daniel Builders.

She recently sat down to discuss her role in the Design-Build process at Daniel Builders. Here’s a few highlights from the conversation.

Was there ever a point in your career where you felt design wasn’t the right fit for you? No. Never. It’s always felt like a natural fit for me. Helping people improve their structures is how I feed my soul.

How do you stay current on design trends?  There's a lot of resources to utilize. Everything from TV shows, to the internet, to publications, to networking with other designers, to group affiliations.

What is your process with a new client? The process starts with asking what is important to them. I focus our efforts on functionality first. Then we get into colors, styles, textures and “feel” they like. This also means trying to establish what they don’t like.

What role does their budget play? Budget is everything. In fact, it really is impossible to design a project without basing it first on a client's budget. 

How can you help a client who feels “stuck” or torn between different design features or selections? Usually, I ask them a series of questions. Sometimes people ask for my opinion. Usually people can start to envision what they want.

What advantage do you see working as part of a team of dedicated carpenters and project managers? Several advantages. We make up a Design-Build team. I’m the customer’s point of contact so I can ensure everything is thoroughly communicated so (the customer) doesn’t need to speak with several different people. It’s an efficient process for transforming their expectations into reality. A lot of time is saved. I don’t have to wait on another company, and the customer doesn’t have to wait on a another design team. All the key people are working together. It’s a very efficient process of minimizing miscommunication and making change orders with ease. Plus, a client doesn't need to fully invest in a project until they are comfortable with their design and selections. Doing all these steps upfront makes the process so much simpler. And the client is never left guessing "What happens next?"

What feedback are you receiving from Daniel Builder clients? Design-Build is a fairly new concept to the general public. Once we can describe the benefits they express relief, as well as excitement. Since all the selections happen up front, customers appreciate how easy scheduling becomes. They also express appreciation when two different opinions, such as a husband & wife, find that happy medium.

Which area of the house requires the most design services? Easy. Kitchens and baths.  Those areas are far more complex than people realize. A lot of finishes and fixtures go into those rooms.

What advice would you give a homeowner who is considering a large scale renovation without design services? That can easily turn into a very frustrating experience, if not a full blown disaster. Many homeowners have a knack for design, but a proven design-build team reduces costly and unpleasant surprises.          

How can Daniel Builders assist you with your design ideas? Contact us at 864.506.5546 to start the renovation conversation with our Design-Build team.